Mini oil refineries.

Mini oil refinerie

High-tech oil-processing units of modular block construction have the capacity from 10 000 up to 600 000 mt/year of feedstock (200-12 000 barrels per 24 hours) and they can produce a number of different products incl. high-octane gasoline, commercial jet fuel, kerosene, arctic and summer-grade diesel fuels, stove fuel, asphalt, as well as sulfur pellets from gases thereby preventing their atmospheric emission.

Natural gas, naphtha, diesel fuel or their combination can be used as fuel.

The advantage of the offered units is that the capacity can be increased step by step.

The units are completely automated for operating process monitoring so that in case of the development of potential dangerous situation, the plant stops operation automatically and a special warning device locates the reason of shutoff for the operator.

The construction is additionally provided with a monitoring room and a laboratory.

The scope of supply includes the necessary hand-tools set and laboratory equipment as well as spare parts for two years of operation.

Arctic Variant

Arctic Variant
  • Altitude 1000 ft
  • Temperature range: -50°Ń … +40°Ń.
  • The mentioned units produce 76MON gasoline, drilling fluid, winter- and summer-grade gasoline and liquid fuel.

Product yield:

  • Naphtha 16%
  • Gasoline 33%
  • Residue 51%

Tropic variant

  • Altitude 4500 ft
  • Temperature range: +1°Ń … +36°Ń.
  • These units produce gasoline.

The feedstock for the units is gas condensate, the feedstock shall be fed down the pipelines to the oil-processing equipment where the liquids are drawn and treated.

Tropic variant

Product yield:

  • Naphtha 65%
  • Diesel 30%
  • Residue 5%

The following additional equipment can be offered upon the Customer’s request:

  • Sour oil-processing plant in special alloys.
  • Desalter for feedstock desalination.
  • Fluid cleaner for naphtha, jet and diesel fuels for products desulphurization.
  • Reformers for high-octane gasoline production.
  • Gasoline stabilizer for vapour pressure reduction.
  • Vacuum asphalt production plants.
  • Plant design for cold and hot operating conditions equipped with laptop labs.
  • Sulfur pellets production plants.
  • Catalytic reformer with a separator, hydrotreater and a stabilizer.