Reservoir pressure maintenance systems with the application of piston or multistage centrifugal pumps.

Plunger high pressure unit for reservoir pressure maintenance.

Pumped medium: water (with the suction filter 100 µm)
Max. Medium temperature: 45°Ń
Installation: zone 2
Explosion subclass: IIA
Temperature code class acc. to ATEX: Ņ3

High pressure pump
Nominal flow rate: 872 l/min (52,3 m3/h)
Max. operating pressure: 220 bar
Plunger diameter: 70 mm
Number of plungers: 5
Booster pressure, required : 2-4 bar
Drive power, required: 375 kW
Pump speed: 372 rpm
Gear ratio: 3,99

pump head : stainless steel (1.4462)
stuffing box: stainless steel
plunger: ceramics

Lubrication system
  • forced feed lubrication system with AC-drive 1,75 kW with the integrated filter, oil pressure sensor and oil temperature sensor
  • the integrated oil cooler (cooling medium: water, connection¾)

AC-drive as a 3-phase electric motor for use with the frequency converter
Power: 400 kW
Nominal speed: 1500 rpm
Voltage: 400 V
Design : IP 55, B3, ATEX

Booster pump station (integrated into the high pressure pump) consists of a centrifugal pump with the 3-phase electrical motor acc. to ATEX.

The pump is equipped with:
  • pneumatic suction valve lifting system (appr. 5 bar, 30 Nl/min), air is from the mains as the control system for load/unload mode including the solenoid valve 24 V DC and the air service unit
  • high-lift safety valve, set pressure 264 bar.
  • high pressure gauge, 400 bar
  • junction box for connection sensors and control elements
  • flexible coupling with protection guard ATEX
Accessories for the pump suction line:
  • counter welding neck flange (DN 150, PN10)
  • piping in stainless steel (1.4462)
  • hand stop valve with the position indicator, position closed (for maintenance)
  • suction compensator (rubber type)
  • suction pressure switch
High pressure line:
  • two high pressure hoses between the pump unit and the common pressure line (DN50) with the counter flange (with damping)
  • high pressure hand stop valve with the position indicator, position closed (for maintenance)
  • high pressure check valve (to avoid leakage from the high pressure accumulator in case of hose collapse)
  • high pressure counter welding neck flange DN 80, PN 315
Base-frame with the damping pads

Switch cabinet (not ATEX) for installation in a non-explosive environment includes:
  • frequency converter (1:2)
  • pump control and supervision system (integrated into the PLC panel) for automatic safety shutdown in case of:
    • max. oil temperature
    • min. oil pressure
    • min. booster pressure
    • max. water suction temperature
    • min. compressed air pressure
The pump unit is internally wired up to the above mentioned switch cabinet through 20m electric and control cable.

Pump with wiring on the common base-frame:
Pump with wiring
  1. electrical drive 400 kW
  2. flexible coupling
  3. pump
  4. suction stop valve
  5. suction damper
The pump unit is built in the 15’ container (without acoustic insulation).