Shut-off and control valves, safety valves, check valves, condensate traps, etc.

Shutoff valves (according to DIN, ANSI, etc.)

We offer different kinds of shutoff valves, such as:

Gate valve
Globe valve
Butterfly valve
Gate valve
DN 40-900 mm,PN 10-250 bar
Globe valve
DN 40-500 mm,PN 10-250 bar
Butterfly valve
DN40-1800 mm,PN 10-50 bar
Ball valve
Relief valve
Check valve
Ball valve
DN 15-1200 mm,PN 10-250 bar
Relief valve
DN40-500 mm,PN10-420 bar
Check valve
DN 40-1200 mm,PN 10-420 bar

For the temperature range from -50oC up to +450oC.

High pressure and temperature valves (according to DIN, ANSI, etc.)

Wedge gate valves DN 50-400 mm, PN 150-420 bar
Globe valves DN 50-400 mm, PN 150-420 bar
Check valves DN 50-450 mm, PN 150-420 bar

Control valves (according to DIN, ANSI, etc.)

Control valves are required to ensure preset operation mode of the unit. They are used to control medium flow rate and are powered by an external energy source. Control is carried out by electric or pneumatic actuator. Throttle (throttling) valves are also covered by control valves designed to considerably reduce medium pressure and to operate at high pressure drop.
Electrically Straigh valve
Tree way control valve
Membrane (diaphragm) valve
Straigh valve
DN 40-500 mm, PN 10-250 bar
Tree way control valve
DN 25-200 mm, PN 10-63 bar
Pneumatic membrane valve
DN 40-500 mm, PN 10-420 bar

Control valves can be singe-seat and double-seat. Double-seat spring-loaded control valves with a membrane pneumatic actuator have become widely used.

Single-seat valves are applied when the plunger surface is small or reliable valve tightness in closed position is required. The singe-seat valve disadvantage is the plunger unbalance that causes plunger high longitudinal stress if the seat has large diameter.

Actuating devices of control valves can be of two types:
- normally open (NO)
- normally closed (NC).

Custom-fabricated valves on special order made from various materials and alloys (stainless steel, cast iron, alloy steels, alloys) and different types of pipeline connections (welded, flanged, intermediate flanged connection) are also possible.

For the temperature range from -50oC up to +450oC.

Flow rate Kvs: 6-1390 m3/h

Different valve flow characteristics, including: linear, equal percentage, modified parabolic, quick opening, hyperbolic or square root

Steam traps

Steam traps are designed to separate condensate from steam-water emulsion and to vent it from the system.

The following different types are offered:

float: thermostatic:
Float steam trap
DN 15-100 mm, PN up to 40 bar
Temper. up to 400oC
Thermostatic steam trap
DN 10-100 mm, PN up to 50 bar
Temper. up to 450oC